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The biggest problem you face shopping for a credit repair company is the over-promising and lies that you will experience during the consultation. Is the company a scam or not? Can they do what they say or not? Here is how to spot a bad credit repair service:


 If a credit repair service charges money to start that is illegal under federal law, period. We never charge a start-up fee or monthly fees. We don’t get paid anything UNLESS the company puts it in writing or offers to delete at all 3 Reporting Agencies Experian, Trans Union & Equifax!


The second hint to a credit repair service which you should avoid is if they cannot prove they are registered or bonded. This is true in several states. We are registered with the CA Department of Justice and bonded for $100,000.


Credit repair companies salespeople love to use deceptive language like, “We get deletions from that company”. That misleads you. Make them prove their deletions are at ALL reporting and are always permanent. Our deletions are always are!


Find a credit repair specialist at a review site by typing keywords like best credit repair company or best credit repair companies? Those companies are paying for false reviews. They more they pay the higher their rating– scam!


Lexington Law reviews at 4.9 out of 5? That’s a lie.


You may think you can do free credit repair for yourself. We suggest not because disputes on credit actually slow our results. And it isn’t legal to dispute accurately reported bad credit.


While our credit repair service is located in Glendale, CA bordering Los Angeles we are registered for the entire state and we comply with most other states’ laws. We’ll tell you if you live in a state we cannot do business in.

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