$47,042 settled for $3,200 + Deletions

I love working on debt buyers’ collection accounts. I’m your mercenary destroyer of debt buyers.

I sneak behind enemy lines, gather intelligence and then get great discounts and sometimes 100% wipe-out the debt AND I get the all-important 3-Reporting Agency credit report deletions.

As millions of Americans have found out the hard way, paying a collection account either does not raise credit scores a single point or can drop them up to 60 points when the collection account is significantly older than the next oldest open account.

I offer a collection account debt elimination and credit report 3-Bureau permanent deletion service.

In this case the clients hired me to attack a $47,042.43 debt with Cavalry Portfolio Services and two at Midland (also known as Midland Credit Management).

I was engaged last week but as a rapid deployment strike force already obtained verbal agreement to settle the Cavalry debt at 93.2% off plus the deletion! Just waiting for the written agreement. Debt buyer surrender with one shot fired!

Victory value? Higher FICO scores and the ability to buy a home which was previously impossible.

They had negotiated 50% off but of course could not get the deletions they need to be able to buy a home, Cavalry & Midland being the well armed, well trained enemies that they are.

I will extract the deletions at both Midland and Cavalry Portfolio agreed-to in writing before the settlement checks are released from my office.

I am The Best and can do this for you too. The 3-Bureau deletion success fee is no less than $300 and completely depends on your debt size I must negotiate; the success fee is up to$1000 at certain debt buyers. I earn a percentage of the wiped-out debt.

Its easy, just send an email with your credit report and phone number to 740plus@gmail.com or call (818) 813-8230 Pacific Time

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