3-Bureau Permanent Deletion or YOU DON’T PAY!

Its that simple. We get the companies on your credit to prove they have requested or offer to request deletion at all three Consumer Reporting Agencies or you do not pay my success fee! This is why results are always permanent unlike my competitors–the companies themselves request deletion.

I’m the best and bet my income on it so you don’t have to risk your money.

Bonded and registered with the California Department of Justice!

  • Expect the real truth from us. No lies.
    Don’t buy my competitors’ lies. Our competitors usually mislead you with, “Yes, we get deletions for that company”. ASK them how often they get 3-Bureau deletions, ask them their success rate, ask if they are registered and bonded and make them prove it.


  • Expect us to get very good to superior credit score increases if we accept your case.
  • Expect that we will go about our work complying with federal laws unlike ALL our competitors.
If deletion occurs without an offer to delete or a promise to delete then that is success too, it happens sometimes. The agreement between us has a fuller explanation of what “success” is.