We Rocket Credit Scores.

My tactics are far superior to disputing. I invented every tactic in order to comply with federal credit repair laws. Disputes of accurate credit is illegal.

We will get results that dispute-type credit repair companies never dreamed possible. Don’t believe other companies’ wild claims of being able to delete any/all bad credit.

I will never let my company use unlawful disputes of bad credit which happen to get no-to- only fair results. You deserve the very good to superior results that my lawful tactics deliver.
Bonded and registered with the California Department of Justice

Disputes and Mortgage FICO scores, history:

Summer 2007: The credit reporting agencies began changing how they deal with credit disputes. Dispute-style credit repair becomes far less effective than before and now creates falsely high scores. See video about disputing.

Fall 2008: Disputed by consumer (or similar) on credit reports begins to cause mortgage loan underwriting problems and long delays on FHA, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac type loans.

Why? The mortgage-type credit reports accounts which are “in dispute” are not calculated into mortgage FICO scores. That creates falsely high (usually) or falsely low credit scores if the person was so ignorant as to dispute perfectly paid accounts. Yes, dispute-type credit repair people can be very unknowledgeable! The lenders need to see the FICO scores the credit report deserves and the disputes must come off with the exception of FreddieMac which allows one account under $1,000 to remain “in dispute” as this is written.

  • Expect the real truth from us.
  • Expect very good to superior credit score increases if we accept your case.
  • Expect that we will go about our work complying with federal laws unlike ALL our competitors.