FICO Credit Scores, Approaching 850 scores Series #3 A Good Secured Card

FICO Credit Scores, Approaching 850 scores Series #3 A Good Secured Card


My own FICO-9 score peaks at 832 of 850 possible and I have not applied everything I know. I don’t want to do those two things.

This will be a LONG series of advice and comments. Keep coming back!!

I always advise people get at least a $2500 limit on credit cards approved before opening a new card–if you have to open a new card. For people with poor credit, this can be a difficult goal.

After two credit unions stopped issuing good credit limits to those with poor scores I finally have found an alternative.

Comerica Bank will issue secured credit cards up to an $8000 credit limit.

Call Mali at Comerica Bank 310-275-1343 The card requires opening a Certificate of Deposit. There is a high acceptance rate with 550 credit score and up.

Debt Buyer Collection Account Series #3 Portfolio Recovery Assoc.

Debt Buyer Collection Account Series #3

Debt buyers are a special kind of a collector of debt owed. they buy debts from other companies and then try to collect.

We LOVE working on debt buyers and the bigger the debt the more we love it!

We will get 80% to 100% off the debt AND the 3 credit report deletion almost every time. Debt elimination percentage depends on how big your debt is and at which debt buyer. 

Portfolio Recovery Associates used to be very difficult to get credit report deletions out of. I have had 100% success over the years but it has been HARD work.

Good news for you! PRA recently decided that after you settle the debt and pay they request deletion at all Reporting Agencies. After you pay just dispute it. It should be gone!


Credit Repair Scams, Truths, Lies and Myths Series #4

Credit Repair Scams, Truths, Lies and Myths Series #4


Over the past week, I have investigated a very popular credit repair dispute software.

It is as I thought. The dispute letter templates use language in YOUR name which is untrue.

The letters refer to laws. Fine, but what do the laws MEAN?

I’m not a lawyer but for many years I have discussed legal theories with several top consumer lawyers. I refer many clients to lawyers – who don’t charge when they accept cases by the way.

When dispute letters refer to a section of law it is an ignorant dispute! Why?

It is court cases which determine what the laws MEAN, how the laws are interpreted.

Do you ever watch TV or movie lawyers arguing in front of a judge? Do they read the law or do they refer to cases by name? Right, they refer to cases by name.

Dispute letters which refer to a section of law are as ignorant as they can be.

Even the gigantic credit repair firm Lexington Law uses ignorant dispute letters. Their results are poor yet they generate 30% of all disputes in the country! They know how to market and sell to you–and they’re kind of cheap. What good is “cheap” when results are bad?

Why don’t you use a credit repair company that isn’t ignorant–me?