Collection Account Series #10 -> Collector Deception

Collector Deception


Read the entire Series about this subject to understand everything before you DO anything about a collection account because you can seriously harm your FICO credit scores if you don’t study and apply what I know. More is to come!!

A lot of my week is dealing with collection accounts, charged-off credit cards, vehicle repossessions, and money judgments.

A very few collectors are sneaky and deceptive. I recall one company I thought was a collection agency, that they were collecting for another company. The collector made a small little slip in what he said, I almost didn’t notice it.

Then I learned that that company actually bought the debt and owned it. Everything they were telling me about discounts was a lie.

I got 100% off that debt and the deletions. Happy client, happy me.

I can’t train you in everything I know. Then how would I eat?

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