Credit News Series #3 – What’s a Credit/debit Card Skimmer and Shimmer?

What's a Credit/debit Card Skimmer and Shimmer?

Criminals get very clever at how they get your credit card data. Not even the chips in cards protect you. I hate criminals.

Skimmers read your card’s magnetic strip. They are found at mostly at gas stations until gas stations MUST use the card’s chips in October 2020.

Shimmers read the chip. They are hard to see. The shimmer can be used to produce a magnetic strip with your data.

Your card information gets stolen by shimmers and skimmers.

If you report unauthorized card use within 60 days of receiving a statement you aren’t liable for more than a $50 loss.

At the very least, study your credit card and bank statements monthly. Look for transactions you don’t remember.

Or let’s go back to a cash society. The older man in my likes that but its hard to avoid loving 1.5% cash back too.

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