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Credit Repair Pasadena CA

Credit Repair Pasadena

The biggest problem you face when shopping for a credit repair company is over-promising and lies during the consultation. Is the company a honest or not? Can they do what they say or not? Here is how to spot a misleading credit repair service:

Up-front Fees:

It is illegal under federal law to charge an up-front fee, period. Why would you believe anything a company says if they do illegal things?

We will either quote success-only fees* or flat fees or both. We never charge an up-front fee or monthly fees that go on and on like the big companies.

Virtually a 100% success rate ……. We get ALL reports deleted regarding collection agencies and debt-buyer accounts or you do not pay us! This is a “success-only” fee.

Registered and Bonded?

Avoid credit repair companies which can’t prove they are registered or bonded. Registration is required in CA, NV and several other states. We are registered with the CA Department of Justice and bonded for $100,000 and can legally do business in most states.

Deceptive Sales Language:

Credit repair companies‘ salespeople usually use deceptive language like, “We get deletions all the time from that company” or “100 percent”. These mislead you. Ask, “What percentage gets deleted from one credit report? What percentage do you get deleted from 2 reports? All three? PROVE it.”

Truth: At the major banks and big auto lenders getting a 30% deletion success rate is pretty good for these types of credit problems. Ask us about the married couple with 20 of the same accounts.

Searching Credit Repair Online:

Did you find the credit repair company at a review website by searching keywords like “best credit repair company”? Those companies are paying for false reviews–scam alert!

Lexington “Law” reviews at 4.9 out of 5? Ha! Our results are vastly better than theirs, they often get NO results, who would rate them 5 stars?

Credit Repair Pasadena CA

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