Credit Repair Scams, Truths, Lies and Myths Series #1

Credit Repair Scams, Truths, Lies and Myths Series #1


PLEASE help other people avoid hiring credit repair companies which over-promise, deceive and lie by commenting on this page about the companies who scammed, over-promised or deceived you,

My promise: My company will never lie to you, over-promise or deceive you. Proof?

1. We don’t charge upfront or monthly fees. We get paid when the company reporting on your credit proves it requested deletion at ALL THREE reporting Agencies or offers to do that.

2. We decline to work for over 40% of the people who contact us asking for service. Why take your money if the results won’t happen?

THE BIG LIE: The biggest lie in credit repair is that you or the credit repair company has the right to dispute anything bad on your credit report.

THE TRUTH: Here the actual federal law: You have the right to dispute inaccurate information by contacting the consumer credit reporting agency directly. However, neither you nor any credit repair company or credit service organization has the right to have accurate, current, and verifiable information removed from your credit report.

What this means: In my non-lawyer opinion this means that doing a dispute of accurately reported credit cannot be used as a method to try to remove the bad credit.

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