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The deletion is everything to your credit scores so below is how to potentially get it.

See the bottom for what I know about this collector.

MOST IMPORTANT: Never, ever pay a collection agency without getting a written promise to delete the account from your credit first.

Why? You don’t pay a Collection Agency without a written promise to delete first because after you pay your FICO credit scores will NOT go up a single FICO point as millions of Americans have found out the hard way.

In cases where the collection account is far older than your next oldest OPEN account paying the collector can drop your FICO scores by up to 60 points! This is because your “open account” history gets wiped out or nearly wiped out depending on your most recently opened account’s age.

Disputing this account will NOT solve your problem. Even if you get lucky and one Reporting Agency deletes then the Original Creditor is likely to give the account to another collector and then it is newly on three Bureau reports again pounding all of your FICO scores downward. Or the collector re-reports and there it is on all three again.

If you can’t get the deletion we will get proof of requested deletion at all Reporting Agencies or you don’t pay us! But you try first, just don’t pay without that written promise to delete.

Steps to make to possible deletion agreement: Always be polite with collectors, they keep notes on how you treat them. Simply ask, “If I pay or settle this account and you’re certain that my payment has cleared will you delete it from my credit reports?”

If “yes” just ask for the promise in writing! Make CERTAIN it is a promise to delete and not a promise to report the account as “paid” or “settled”. When handling a debtor who asks for deletion collectors are taught to say something like, “We will report it as paid” as though that actually helps you. It does not help your credit scores. That is not a deletion promise and even if it were it is verbal and not written.

If deletion is refused then politely ask for a supervisor. Nicely explain the truth about why you need the deletion and that you simply cannot pay without a written deletion promise.

If deletion is still refused then escalate even higher if the supervisor will let you. Always climb as high as you can reach in the company. The higher you go in a company the more powers of decision the person has.

When you have gotten as high as you can get and deletion is still refused then you need me and only me.

About Ernst Artmann & Associates Even though this collection agency is in the next country south of me and most of my clients I rarely run across people with this collector on their credit reports. What this tells me is that this is a tiny local collector. My notes say I had a difficult time getting the deletion but I did get it.

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