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Fair Collections And Outsourcing Pay For Delete


Fair Collections and Outsourcing is a “collection agency” which mostly or completely collects for landlords. Some of the debts can be very large. Clients who contact us are often very upset at their landlords but that does not solve the debt or the credit problem.

Paying the debt will do nothing at all to help your FICO credit scores as tens of thousands of Americans have found out the hard way.

What helps FICO scores?

Only the permanent deletion of the account from all three credit reports will help all of your FICO credit scores.

Pay for Delete at Fair Collections and Outsourcing

As this was written FCO does NOT offer pay for delete but we get all 3 deletions at all three Reporting Agencies (Bureaus) or you do not pay us! We also get a great discount. That’s right, we get it deleted or you do not pay that success fee.

If you are offered pay for delete at FCO along with a settlement offer be sure you heard correctly and protect yourself in these two ways:

Protect Yourself!

Collectors often try to confuse you. You ask for deletion and they say, “Oh yes, we’ll report the account as paid”. That is not a deletion promise!!

Many people have called us to say that various collectors offered deletion over the phone and then did not do the deletion they promised. Some collectors and debt buyers keep the deletion promise and some don’t keep the promise.

Get the deletion promise and settlement offer IN WRITING. Make sure that the agreement says “deletion” or “delete”. Don’t get fooled or make a mistake. If they won’t put the deletion promise in writing they will say, “This call is being recorded” to try to give you confidence. Ask litigation lawyers how often these recordings get “lost” or “there was a technical problem” when there is a lawsuit.

Should you pay them without a written promise? What do you think?


We absolutely will get permanent deletion from all credit reports at 740plus (or you pay us nothing) and we should get a much better discount than you do. Contact us at 818-813-8230 or 740plus@gmail.com 


fair collections and outsourcing pay for delete

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