FICO Credit Scores, Approaching 850 scores Series #6

FICO Credit Scores, Approaching 850 scores Series #6

My own FICO-9 score peaks at 832 of 850 possible and I have not applied everything I know. I don’t want to do those two things.

This will be a LONG series of advice and comments. Keep coming back!!

This piece of advice for highest possible FICO scores may be a no-brainer but I am seeing more of this credit problem than EVER before and it is HARD to get off the credit reports.

ADVICE: Do everything possible to avoid late payments on debts you should pay monthly.

I personally do NOT get my credit card statements online, I make them mail them to me.

I personally do NOT do automatic payments. I have seen that fail too often causing late payments.

I would NEVER co-sign a loan for someone else if they don’t pay on time my credit gets trashed too. AND I’m responsible for the debt.

As a credit repair guy can you imagine how many charged-off debts, late payments, and vehicle repossessions I have seen on co-signers’ credit reports? A lot. And its prevented people from buying homes.

My online calendar lets me know when to expect my paper bill statements so if it doesn’t come in the mail I’m never late.

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