FICO Credit Scores, Approaching 850 scores Series #2

fico credit score repair

Early in this series, I will give a piece of advice for highest possible FICO credit scores and also educate on basics which our high schools and colleges don’t teach.

There are MANY types of FICO credit scores and the scores are different from each other. There are other credit scores like Vantage Scores and private credit score models.

FICO score computer software is incredibly complex. This series will teach you how to get nearly perfect FICO scores.

TODAY’S ADVICE: Opening a new credit card will lower your FICO scores immediately. It will take months to recover lost FICO points. I personally NEVER open new cards just to get 10% or 20% off what I’m buying.

When you are young in your 20’s is the time to open new credit cards and KEEP them in use and open until you don’t need credit any more in later life.

Need FICO score or credit repair? If I accept your case I don’t charge unless the company agrees to delete the bad credit at ALL Consumer Reporting Agencies.

Don’t waste your money at other companies. Their sales pitches are deceptions. I guess I’ll make a Series of posts about this.

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