FICO Credit Scores, Approaching 850 scores Series #4

FICO Credit Scores, Approaching 850 scores Series #4

My own FICO-9 score peaks at 832 of 850 possible and I have not applied everything I know. I don’t want to do those two things.

This will be a LONG series of advice and comments. Keep coming back!!

In the previous blog, I gave a fantastic secured credit card possibility up to an $8000 line of credit.

Remember that credit cards achieve much better FICO credit scores when the credit limit is at least $2500.

Some people will be declined for that Comerica secured card because their credit scores are too low and NO other card will give that magical $2500 limit.

What to do?

I suggest a SPECIFIC card to apply for and no other: Capital One. They may only grant you a $250 to $750 limit, but if you have no other open credit cards then this card will help.

Really, don’t bother with other cards, not Credit One, not First Premier, not others. The reasons are from my own experience.

Once that Capital One card has been used and paid to $0 balance for 31 days then try the Comerica card again. Your credit scores may have recovered enough from the Capital One card.

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