First time ever this company deleted!

I’ve been working on a difficult account for quite awhile.

Today I received my 3rd call from the external lawyer of the company on credit, a mini-storage chain. Big time lawyer, he works for an international law firm, New York office.

Let me tell you that this lawyer really studied up on the laws I use to get difficult deletions. He read the 100-page contract his client has with Experian. IT DOES NOT ALLOW DELETION unless the account was in-error. It specifically says “No pay for delete”, no “pay for deletion”. I KNEW that was in the contracts.

And you wonder why 3-Bureau deletions are so hard to get? The contracts with Reporting Agencies is only part of why. The other part is a letter the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau sent to all collectors and debt buyers in 2014 and now it seems it was sent to all companies which report on credit–I didn’t know that last part and am just guessing about it here. This deletion isn’t from a “collection agency”, it is from an “original creditor”.

Original Creditors are not just banks and auto lenders. Other examples include Verizon (but now other cell providers), utility companies, even government agencies.

The lawyer’s firm probably charged their client a few to several thousand dollars for all his research time. This should tell you how much many or most companies DON’T want to delete!!

I learned that the company on my client’s credit has NEVER deleted before, they don’t even know how!! I got the first deletion they ever agree to in all these years in business.

The lawyer agreed to send a letter to me next week indicating the deletion was done. Hopefully I remember to post it here!

Since I only get paid for 3-Bureau deletions and since I’ve already gotten five deletions out of five from other collectors for this client I sure was motivated to keep my success rate at 100% for this client. Its a good day.

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