Get Collection Accounts Deleted Permanently at All 3 Reporting Agencies

How To Get Collection Accounts Deleted Permanently at All 3 Reporting Agencies (Experian, Trans Union, Equifax)

Get Collection Accounts Deleted

–step by step  by a guy who gets over 95% of collection accounts permanently deleted 


Collection Agencies are companies which collect debt for other companies.


This isn’t advice regarding charged-off loans or credit cards or the “debt buyer” type of collection account.

Why the deletion is SO important

If you simply pay the collection agency (abbreviated CA) then your FICO credit scores do not go up a single point! –a fact millions of people have learned the hard way.

A single, new collection account hitting the credit report will cost an otherwise perfect credit report up to 125 FICO points. Scores slowly climb as the years pass.

If you pay a CA’s account which is older than  your oldest open credit account then expect your FICO scores to drop up to 60 points.

get collection accounts deleted


The deletion is everything because the FICO scores do NOT calculate on:

  1. Whether the CA collection account is paid or not

  2. The dollar amount owed. An $8 collection hurts FICOs as much as an $8000 CA collection account.FICO credit scores do calculate on one thing only: What day, month & year the account was opened by the CA and the rest of your credit reports.

Let’s be real–

You might have exactly the combination of CAs on your credit to have up to 100% success getting deletions. You might have a very tough list of collectors. Maybe you have a mixture of easy and super-hard CAs. I encourage you to be patient and cheerful as you go on this adventure. This is exactly how I started getting deletions in 2010. I got 5 out of 5 permanently deleted at every Credit Reporting Agency for my first client and she bought her first home so it IS possible for you too.

Rule #1: Be nice to everyone at the CA that you speak with. Be human. You are asking for their help.

Rule #2: Never, ever lie. They just might have information you don’t know they have. Getting caught in a lie can easily prevent you from getting that super-important deletion.

The first call to the CA:

When you call the CA you will go through the verification of identity process required by law. Never give your current address if your debt is larger than $700; I’m protecting you with this advice.

When you speak to the collector you have two goals:

(1) To pay the least amount you can; and

(2) To get a written agreement to delete after you prove that your payment cleared the bank. The deletion is the most important thing in my opinion.

Failing to get a deletion can cost you being able to buy a home, can cost you a 1% higher mortgage interest rate; or another 9% higher auto loan rate; failure can prevent you from being able to rent a home and it can even cost you a job. The deletion is everything.




At the easiest CAs you simply ask the collector, “If I pay an agreeable amount will your company request deletion from my credit reports?”

If the answer is “no” then go to “NO WE WON’T DELETE NEXT STEPS” below

If “yes we’ll delete” the next question is, “How low will your client let you settle for?”  Many collectors actually will give you the lowest number surprisingly.

Next question: “Will you put the deletion and settlement in writing?” *

Hint: At some CAs the supervisors can settle for less than the collector you are speaking with can settle for. This advice is ONLY for Collection Agencies, not for settling other kinds of debts.

* Getting the deletion agreement in writing:

Warning time: If I had a dollar for everyone  who accepted a verbal promise to delete who later told me the deletion didn’t happen even though they called the collector back a gazillion times  I’d have hundreds of dollars. Great retirement money for a day or two, whoopee!


Some companies will put the deletion agreement in writing and some won’t put it in writing – and yet actually will delete. Its because their lawyer won’t let them put that deletion promise in writing. Some collectors will lie just to get money from you. How do you know the difference? You don’t know, I’m sorry but this paragraph and the one above the photo are 100% true. Its the way it is.

If you can’t get the deletion out of a CA which lied to you then if hired I almost certainly will get the deletion.

Don’t be mislead: Collectors are trained to say something like, “No, we can’t delete it but we WILL report it as paid!”–they say that as though that actually helps your FICO scores but it won’t.



The deletion is still possible! Here’s how to get the more difficult but still-possible-for-you deletions. These questions are asked because some collectors will delete after you pay because in-truth you didn’t know about the debt.

  1. Next ask, “What address did you send your first collection letter and legal compliance to?”

1a. If you live at that address then go to the “escalating higher” step below.

  1. If you don’t live at that address ask, “What date did you mail that first letter to me?” and make a note.

  2. If you didn’t live at that address on that date ask, “If I prove that I did not live at that address at that time and I pay an agreeable amount will your company delete this account from my credit after payment clears the bank?”

If “yes” they’ll delete then you are back at the Get It In Writing step above. Of course you may have to prove you lived somewhere else with a bank statement or utility bill like an electric or gas bill. Maybe they’ll accept other bills or proof–just ask! Maybe they won’t ask for proof because you offered it but remember, please don’t lie. Always be able to prove what you say.

If still “no, we won’t delete” now you “escalate”, you go higher up in the company. At most Collection Agencies that will be the collection supervisor. Ask, “May I speak with your supervisor please?” I have never, ever been declined this request unless it was a one-person collection company!

Escalating higher in the company

The things to know about CA supervisors are:

  1. They have might more decision-making power than the collectors who work for them. It is possible they can authorize a deletion the regular collector could not authorize.

2. It is possible they have the power to put the deletion promise in writing.

Some CA’s supervisors will authorize deletion for an acceptable truthful reason.

Start over with the supervisor as though the first person you spoke with didn’t tell the supervisor anything: Tell your (truthful) story. Appeal to them as a human. Be brief.


I was offered 16% on an auto loan and if I can’t get the collection account deleted after I pay I just can’t afford to replace this awful car that is in the shop every three or five months and is costing me way too much. I really need the deletion, can you help me?

My mom was in a horrible car crash or had kidney failure–any real, provable truth. I was by her side every minute I wasn’t at work. Would you like to see her medical bills?

Tell the truth. Collectors are suspicious of people. Most people lie to them and they know it. Many have great bull- – detectors.

  • You didn’t get the first collection letter because it went to the wrong address. Offer to prove it! **

  • The only reason you found out about the debt is because you found it on credit or the auto or mortgage lender found it on credit.

  • The medical insurance “explanation of benefits” said everything was covered. You thought you wouldn’t owe anything. Those insurance statements are SO confusing!

  • Your company never reached me by phone (if true), so obviously

      I didn’t know about the debt. Please, can you delete it after my payment clears? (Will you put that in writing?)

  • I was out of work for (X) months and I just couldn’t pay. I was so upset and so worried I just didn’t talk with my creditors or collectors. I needed a job. (Make yourself human. You are asking for help.) Would you like to see my unemployment benefits or proof I was on food stamps? Whatever is true, whatever you can prove.

** A common thing collectors say when I truthfully use the “my client didn’t get the first letter” argument is, “Well, the mail wasn’t returned” as though you obviously got the mail and read the mail and were wicked and refused to pay and now you need your credit …. collectors can have this gruesome attitude. They all use the same words with me like they all went to the same collector school.

Here are the counter-arguments said nicely:
(a) If true–the post office mail forwarding order expired (these last one year).

(b) The person who lived there after me must have thrown it away as junk mail instead of giving it back to the postal worker returning it to you as not-deliverable.

(c) Did you send it Certified Mail with Return Receipt requested ? (which would have your signature on it proving you received the mail!) Trust me, they did NOT send it certified mail it is far too expensive.

Escalation #2:

At many CAs the person above the Supervisor is the Collection Manager. You can feel free to ask the supervisor to speak with their manager. Sometimes they let you, sometimes they say something like, “My manager will give you the same answer I gave to you”.  At this point you should believe the Supervisor regarding no deletion. See the bottom of this posting right now.

If you get to the Collection Manager then realize you are starting completely over. You BRIEFLY and HONESTLY tell your story again and you are in the step above “Other reasons CAs might just delete”. Use those reasons again. Ask for help which is the deletion.


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