Licensed Credit Repair Specialist in California


100% Customized Credit Score Restoration & Rebuilding Service

  • We negotiate collections, charge-offs, judgments, defaulted student loans and vehicle repos for best discounts available with permanent deletions– over 90% success rate even when the companies “refuse” to delete– most refuse
  • Dave’s tactics for your credit rebuild, not poor advice you learn elsewhere – DOUBLE your score increases
  • Student loans in default when WE handle them: Balances lowered, bad credit erased. 96% success rate
  • Debt settlement and often deleting the late payments and charge-off or repo when WE handle the settlements (if YOU settle we cannot get deletions) 82% deletion success rate
  • IRS liens, massive FICO increases even if reported “released”. We get the IRS to agree: Federal tax liens off credit, scores rocket up to 100 points (depending on age & what else is on credit). 96% success rate
  • Judgments cancelled by the court case by case & off the credit–the only lawful way to do it, 50% success rate
  • Foreclosure, short-sale, modification permanent deletions: The only successful & lawful ways to accomplish this, new tactics success rates under review
  • Difficult and unusual problems