Credit Repair Services California | Licensed Credit Repair Specialist

Licensed Credit Repair Specialist in California


100% Customized Credit Score Restoration & Rebuilding Service

  • 3rd party collection agencies: We’ll get 3-Bureau permanent deletions. These companies collect other companies.
  • “Debt buyers”: They buy defaulted or bad debts from other companies. We get up to 100% off the debt and permanent 3-Bureau permanent deletions
  • Credit card debt: Excellent debt elimination and potential deletions
  • Student loan debt: Great debt elimination, consolidation & rehabilitation of defaulted loans
  • Vehicle repossession: Potential but not common 100% debt eliminated and potential 3-Bureau permanent credit deletions
  • Judgments: Potential permanent dismissal of the judgment & debt settlement. We are not a law firm and will refer to lawyers on rare occasion it is necessary.
  • Free Credit Rebuilding: Rather than charge you money to be on other people’s credit cards we’ll give you the exact-correct advice for correctly rebuilding your scores as quickly as possible.
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