Step #1 is a free credit report Consultation. 

How to get your credit to us:


We cannot accept the separate free annual reports or CreditKarma, IdendityGuard, Trans Union or PrivacyGuard due to lack of needed data.


Other credit report sources:

  • If your mortgage lender pulled your credit send that report to us. 
    Warning: If you have defaulted debt or judgment its best NOT to pull mortgage credit.
  • Equifax members only Used to be our recommended report as it is $20 less than
                                         Since their data breach in 2016 they do not sell 3-in-1 reports to non-members.
  • MyFico Report has superior detail, gives many different types of FICO scores, does show late payments over 2 years ago but is the most expensive one out there
  • Experian Lacks data on late payments over 2 years ago. Warning: Buy the more expensive report. The cheaper report is NOT a 3-in-1, it is only the
                    Experian single Bureau report.
  • IdentityIQ Only the most expensive plan gives the needed report. We don’t know their cancellation policy.
  • CreditCheckTotal Only $1 but warningMust cancel within 7 days or card will be charged for credit monitoring.
                                    Long phone delays to cancel. Lacks data on late payments over 2 years ago
  1. After you pay you can either: 

          (a) Download a key-word searchable PDF and email it to us 


       (b) Tell us which website you paid at and send your logons and last 4 of SSN and we will get the reports. Remember to give is your phone number!

    2.  Dave will call to go over your credit with you, tell you if your case is acceptable and if so quote success-only fees & estimate time frame. If you need a   
         special time just ask. 

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