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Step #1 is a free consultation after I receive your credit reports 

Below is how to get a credit report we prefer for $1, please follow all steps.

We get no money from PrivacyGuard.

  • 1a. Click PrivacyGuard and choose the middle plan option.
  • 1b. Enter your information, continue. Save your user name and password for Step 3 below.
  • 2. Put on your calendar to CANCEL within 14 days if you do not want the monthly fee for credit monitoring. Easiest way to cancel: Click the cancel link on the My Account page
  • 3. We will get your credit report if you’ll remind us which site you used, provide your user name, password and last 4 of SSN. Email us at
  • 4. Dave will call for your free consultation.

740Plus Credit Score Repair 

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