In order to:

  1. Know that we will get good to superior results
  2. Quote fee if we accept your case
  3. Tell you time to complete our work

We request a recent, acceptable* “3-in- 1” credit report.

*Not acceptable: Credit Karma (no Experian), PrivacyGuard, IdentityGuard, CreditCheckTotal and separate reports.

Recommended Credit Reports

It is $39.95, very normal to low cost– -Please send us a new “Three-in- One” credit report from If you do not see the $39.95 option for a Three-in- One report try a different internet browser!

  1. “Three in One Credit Report”. Click Buy Now
  2. Step 1, Register: Buy only the credit reports, no scores– don’t waste money
  3. Continue and buy 3-in- 1 credit report but buy nothing else
  4. Email us ( with your Name, Phone, Username, Password and we will get keyword searchable reports. (Scanned/faxed reports make analysis slow.)
  5. Dave will call to go over your credit with you, tell you if your case is acceptable and if so quote fee & estimate time frame.
  6. If you need a special time for the call just ask.

The 5 most common credit errors that consumers make are below. Please:

  • Do not pay a single penny on collection, charge-off or repo accounts or speak with collectors if any – yet
    (Paying can make our results harder or impossible.
    Paying can make FICOs DROP for quite some time; illogical but true.)
  • Do not pay off, open or close any credit accounts
  • Do not pay card balances or loans lower YET
  • Do not believe everything you see on the internet about credit and FICO
  • Do not do anything at all with your credit other than pay existing good accounts on time–no matter how logical it seems to you.
  • DO set up a system that will make SURE you never pay late on any open accounts I recommend paying directly from checking by “bill pay”– but NOT from debit in case that gets lost/stolen creating late payment potential.