Collection Accounts Series #9

Did the collector delete but showing on credit?

Did the collector delete but showing on credit?


Read the entire Series about this subject to understand everything before you DO anything about a collection account because you can seriously harm your FICO credit scores if you don’t study and apply what I know. More is to come!!

I’ve had a number of cases when the collection agency did request deletion but the account did NOT come off one or any of the credit reports.

In such a case the thing to do is call the collection agency and ask what date they requested deletion. Deletions typically happen from 4 to 60 days after they are requested.

If it has been more than say 30 days since they requested deletion ask the collector to re-request deletion AND supply you with a “deletion requested” letter. This letter can be used to help speed up and ensure the “actual” deletion at the level of the Reporting agencies–simple dispute it.

Look up online how to do disputes and what IDs to send. Easy. Write, “Attached is the deletion request of (collection agency name). Please confirm in writing that you have honored the deletion request.” Watch for mail within about 35 days!